Rain has launched a Podcast Service
where you can easily listen to all Rain's webinars and talks over your smartphone as well.

Ragardless you are in Apple OS or Android, you can just look for the default Play Music app (Android) or serching for "podcsat" (Apple OS) to subscribe to "Rain International" ( search for "Rain International" ). Then you will be able to listen to any of the recorded Rain's topic.

If you find any difficulty on subscribing on Rain International, you could then install a private Podcast App to subscribe it. It is definately "OK" to do that !

Example ......


无论你是使用Apple平台系统或手机Android系统,都可以寻找默认的Play Music应用程序(Android版)或寻找“podcsat”(Apple操作版),订阅(SUBSCRIBE)“Rain International”(搜索“Rain International”)。然后你就可以听到所有的安雨的记录话题。

如果你面对任何订阅RAIN INTERNATIONAL的困难, 我们建议你安装一个个别的PODCAST APP,然后同样的订阅RAIN INTERNATIONAL。这是绝对OK的方式之一!

例如 ......